Tips for 1st timer going Sensual Massage!

Many was nervous and no experience as 1st timer.

Nearly everyone feeling nervous but also excited as a 1st timer going for sensual b2b massage.


The excitement thought of it but don’t know what to expect. Who to contact to? what to do when you arrived? what is the process?


Sometime the person in charge or the person picking your call or replying your message was bit harsh or rude.


Don’t worry this is usually normal.


Getting the good quality b2b massage service.

Getting the good quality service by the b2b massage lady sometime depending luck.


Some of them do provide amazing service that leave you big smile and full of satisfaction experience that you will definitely return.


Sometime the experience by certain lady leaving disappointment.

This is normal and most people experience this =)


Everyone taste and requirement is different.


  1. a) Everyone definition pretty is subjective.

Every individual taste is different and every individual good looking is very subjective.Your definition pretty and good looking probably slim girl with long legs. The other person definition pretty could be bit plump and big boobs?

  1. b) Every individual requirement is different. Everyone priority is different.


Some people like big boobs that will stimulate their “thing”.


Some people like slow momentum building up step by step from good quality thai massage slowly to more arouse session and into “action” instead of straight to “action”.


Some priority very good massage and enjoy a good arousing b2b massage.


Some just like high GFE and able to social communicating to have a closer understanding to have the “feeling”


Some just like straight to service and alot of stimulating kissing and high GFE.


How to make sure you get the best experience ?


Firstly you must aware what you like? What your taste? What is your priority?


You can read through the Summary blog website to find out the description that might match your requirement.


AR = Ass Rimming (licking the anal area)

Auto Roaming = can touch top/ bottom (also raba-raba)


B2B = body to body

BJ – Blow Job (oral on a penis)

BLS = Ball Licking and Sucking

Batin = healthy HJ w/wo cum


CIM = (cumming in your mouth, without a condom)

CBJ – Covered Blow Job (blow job with a condom)


DATY = Dining At The Y. Performing oral sex on a woman with her legs spread in Y position.

DFE = Dead Fish Experience

DFK = Deep French Kissing (passionate kissing with tongues)

DT = Deep Throat


FJ = Fuck Job

FK = French Kissing

FL = FreeLancer

FS – Full Service (usually just means ‘intercourse’, but might mean a ‘complete’ service, including massage, oral and sex)


GFE = Girl Friend Experience


HJ = Hand Job